Friday, December 13, 2013

Sew Sweetness Bag Contest Entry #1

Here it is the last day left to enter this contest - at least I sewed up two bags... Now I just need to blog about them! These bags were such fun to sew up - a little more complicated than a simple tote, and already they are so beloved. I'm blogging during quiet time because this is the only time I could pry the bags away long enough to get a couple pictures!

 For Bag #1, you must keep in mind that this was entirely designed for a three year old little girl. What does that mean? Sparkles, pom-poms, butterflies, pink, purple, etc. This is made from the Fylerion Bag pattern. The only tweaks I made were the appliqued "e," the pom pom trim, a shorter strap and I changed the interior pockets - there's one zippered pocket (I used the tutorial from the Kennedy Bag to walk me through it) and then three large pockets on the other side.

Exterior - the flap has such a great shape, and I opted to use the strap color to carry around as the sides & bottom.
It's currently housing three mini Build-a-Bears in the pockets.  I blurred out her name and my phone number...

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