Friday, December 13, 2013

Sew Sweetness Bag Contest Entry #2

So Bag #1 was made for my three year old, but Bag #2 was made for my seven year old.  (She just turned seven, so that's still really odd to type...  aww...)

This year is her first year dancing in the Nutcracker - tonight is her dress rehearsal and she has three shows this weekend.  I cannot tell you how palpable the excitement in our house is at the moment!  She came home (crazy late) last night from rehearsal and her eyes were almost completely dilated from the adrenalin / excitement... she was still shaking, even after a half-hour car ride home from the THEATER.  With a Real Stage.

This bag was sewn for her to keep her tights, shoes, leotards, makeup and hair supplies in backstage - she needed something big enough to carry everything, but small enough that she can carry it easily.  She made every design decision - and was adamant that it had to have a magnetic closure and a interior zipper pocket - so the Kennedy Bag it was!  I wanted to make it a touch simpler, since she is after all just seven, so I left some of the additional hardware off.  I did put a bow on each side where the buckles were supposed to go, to soften and girly it up a bit.  I made the strap long, and brought up the end to fasten it to itself - the pictures will show you - so that I can unpick it and lengthen the strap later.  I like the adjustable straps, but find that my girls like to play with the buckles which means that the straps are usually too long - this will last for a while at this length, and it can be extended to an adult-sized strap.  Not that I think she'll still be wanting a space-themed bag when she's as tall as I am, but it's wishful thinking!

There is an interior zippered pocket, which holds her costume bits - tights, backup tights, leotard and buttondown shirt (for her role as a page).  The rest of it is big enough for her water bottle, overshoes, makeup bag, etc.

The bow turned out exactly as I'd hoped!  There's two shades of purple and teal as the accent colors...  I thought it helped "girly" up the space fabric.

I blurred out the sewn-in tag with her name and my phone number...  There's a large zippered pocked in the interior.

Here's a shot of the whole thing - you can see how the strap doubles back on itself for future lengthening.

Here's a detail shot - I added even more stiffness to the flap edge piece by doing some organic matchstick quilting on it...  it really is easy to grab.

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