Monday, January 30, 2012


So I read these blogs, and I think "gosh, how can these women have TWENTY works in progress?  Don't they have deadlines?  Don't they just want to get them finished?"

So far, I've worked on one quilt at a time.  Start to finish, just one project is going at a time.

I'm currently working on piecing blocks for my husband's quilt (pics to come - quilting blogs are no fun without pictures!), but **gasp** I've started working on another one.

I've been cutting charms and planning layouts for my girls' twin quilts.  We moved them into a joint room last week, and everytime I walk into their "sleeping room" (as opposed to the "play room"), I just can't wait to see homemade quilts gracing their beds.

Then, today, Ellison Lane Quilts put forth a Mini Challenge.  Dare I try to tackle another?  I've got some lovely winnings that I need to use up!

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