Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap: Wrap Up

The other day, the girls and I found a package on our doorstep, opened it up and discovered this:

 It is all handsewn - can you imagine? I don't mind doing a bit of handsewing for embellishment, but the thought of tackling a whole project without my beloved sewing machine? Wouldn't happen! The girls have commandeered it, so I think I caught a glimpse of it today, but in a house with three little girls, anything with flowers and purple is gone! LOL! But Mama got the chocolate. I do share, but it's mine! Thank you Nancy in New Jersey... I don't think you have a flickr account or a blog, so I can't link to you, but I will email this post to you!  I am so happy to have it, and my girls are just loving it.  I think it was a princess-holder when I saw it this morning.  And the chocolate is delicious!

I needed a bit of chocolate today...  I came to the craft room and found my desk and sewing machine lovingly decorated in pink, purple and red sharpie.  I had left the almost-3 year old unattended while I was dealing with a situation that the 6 year old had gotten herself into...  Oh.  GOOF-OFF does wonders for cleaning, but my sewing machine is vaguely pink.  And stinky right now.   I have to wait to quilt later tonight when my room isn't so stinky.  I did take a picture, but if I look at it again, I might need some more chocolate.

Here's some pictures of the pouch I sent off - sorry if this is picture-heavy, but I couldn't resist "just one more picture" before I sent it off to Melanie Dramatic.  She's an extremely proficient sew-er / quilter / blogger, so I was distinctly intimidated, but I think that pouch was one of the nicest things I've ever made, so I'm proud of rising to the occasion!  It has a D-ring inside to clip a key fob on, so it can even be used as a purse.

It's a Noodlehead Open Wide pouch, with the Busy Bean's handle attached.  I thought it was a great size, and would love to make one for myself someday.  The handle and the key fob have lots of organic stitching on them to add stability, strength, and make them sit a bit easier in the hand.  There's a couple interior pockets.

Now I'm thinking about and planning my project for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap.  I can't wait to see what I come up with for that!

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  1. Both are fantastic!! A princess holder - love it - my girls would do the same! Thank you so much for being part of this swap :)