Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Laura - Week 4

Well, here it is Sunday night at bedtime yet again, and I'm racing upstairs from the craft room, with my camera-phone in hand, ready to share with you what I've been doing this evening.  Nothing like making a deadline, eh?

Here's Laura's.  I had hoped to get all twelve blocks finished this week, but a couple of days of not feeling well and a big project that my Mister and I needed to do together...  and I'm pretty darn pleased that I got eight out of the twelve finished!  All four of Kelly's, two of Alyssa's and these two of Laura's.

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  1. I find more and more that life is all about deadlines, tee hee hee ;) They look great!! 12 blocks is a huge goal and you should be totally happy with getting 8 done :)