Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Laura: The Top

Since Laura's not going to be at the bridal shower in *less than two weeks,* I might not finish basting, quilting and binding by the March 4th deadline...  so here's a picture of the whole top.  See in the corner?  That's the other two tops.  I finished three tops in one afternoon.  That feels SO GOOD.

Alyssa's and Kelly's will have the same back, while Laura's back will be totally different - it will fit her personality, according to her maid-of-honor, yet another cousin.   So up next?  Piecing the backs!


  1. It is stunning!! Oh my goodness, so exciting to see it all done!! Fabulous job!!

  2. And I thought I was doing good to finish ONE quilt!! You sure are a production artist!! Your quilts all look so pretty!!