Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year, A New Start

Okay. It's 2013. To be more precise, it's 1-3-13. Time to set some new goals, resolutions and start afresh... My craft room is stocked, organized and calling out to me to go spend some quality time with it, but instead I'm going to tackle an aspect of quilting that I'm rather pathetic at: documentation. I would love to have a record of all my quilts, especially as I have a tendency to give them away without taking pictures of them! I will never have a perfect record, but if I can take steps now to make it easier, I will do so. It's also time to step back and make some 2013 quilting goals and resolutions. Here we go!

1. Step out of my comfort zone and be consistent with the Sugar Block Club - my first BOM. I will tackle new and intimidating techniques, using peer pressure to help me power through. Seriously, though, I want a beautiful quilt for my living room at the end of the year, made carefully throughout the year. I am aiming for more precision than I typically achieve, and a sampler quilt is a great chance to stretch my comfort zone. Remember this contest? Well, I won it, and that bundle has been sitting in my craft room waiting for the perfect opportunity. I supplemented it with some additional fabrics (can't wait for them to arrive!) and will take a picture of all the fabrics when I have a complete set.

2. Achieve a better "scant 1/4 inch" seam. I think I sew a bit too big... the Sugar Block Club will help me with that, since I've never really made traditional blocks before.

3. Other than the Sugar Block Club quilt, only have one project going at a time. I was really good about this last year, and while I stalled for a while in the middle of the year (ahem, pregnancy!), I don't have a pile of WIPs. I know myself, and once I break that rule, I will have a giant pile of WIPs overtaking my space. Must. Maintain. Discipline.

4. Spend more time sewing than on Pinterest. What good does it do to pin hundreds of possible quilts and projects, and then never actually go sew? Blogging and keeping track of my quilts is fine... because that's not creating a giant wish list that will never actually come to fruition!

4b. Sew for at least 15 minutes a week. I know that for some of you, that would read "do something other than sewing for 15 minutes a week," but I have a tendency to get sucked into the computer and never make it downstairs to the craft room when I have a chance.

I think that's enough... If I can keep those 5 resolutions all year, I'll be thrilled!

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