Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Sucked In

So I currently have the Sugar Block Club quilt planned and the schoolroom quilt started.  My resolution to be in the middle of only quilt at a time was being tested, but I could excuse the Sugar Block quilt as a Block of the Month, so it didn't really count, right?

But then today, this popped up in my Google Reader:

Right.  Have you seen this quilt?  I don't want to post her pictures here without permission, but go over and check it out.  So gorgeous!  Reminiscent of Swoon...  I'm going to be making this one.  Which means that I have to hurry up with my schoolroom quilt, because Starburst is getting cut out next week.

And THIS is how quilters get sucked into making as many quilts as possible!

I am justifying this one because most of the fabric was already in my stash.  I just had to get a couple more fat quarters to round it out...  Can't wait for them to arrive so I can post pics.

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