Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quilt A Long Progress: Cutting

Okay, right after I pulled those gorgeous fabrics for the Starburst Quilt, I was told of a triple bridal shower at the beginning of March.  TRIPLE!?  Okay!  I've got three cousins getting married this year, and my aunts decided to just combine it all into one fun day...  So.  Without further ado, let me introduce you to the craziest idea I've had in a while:


That's right.  That's 12 24" blocks.  This from a mom who really doesn't make much time for sewing.  Seven weeks.  It can be done!  That's my stretching crazy exercise for the next couple months...  finish three quilts by the first weekend in March, as well as hand stitching on the binding - I have resorted to machine stitching before, but I just vastly prefer hand stitching.  But three 57" square quilts is going to be a lot of hand stitching...

So - I recieved permission from Melissa over at Happy Quilting to count each quilt separately in the giveaways, so I'm going to blog each quilt separately every week...   The Alyssa, The Kelly and The Laura.

I've finished cutting all the colors, and now I'm working on a ridiculously large number of white pieces to be cut...  321 to be exact.  There were 216 colored squares!

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