Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ah... Fabric.

So - fabric.  Every quilter's favorite thing.

Here's the fabrics I've chosen for the Starburst Quilt-A-Long:
I've never done an all-solids quilt...  So exciting!! There's three browns, a gray, three blues, two greens and three purples.  I had "peacock" and "under the sea" in my head when I was pulling colors.  I shouldn't have put the darkest two colors on the outside of the pile - you can barely see them!  That's one reason I'm doing this blog; I'm learning so much with every post!  I'm practically a professional blog-reader, but definitely an amateur post-er.

Here's my fabric for the Sugar Block Club:

And ugh - that is the worst picture ever!  I tried a few times, but the colors are just completely wrong.  Hopefully when I take pictures of the blocks, there will be a clearer sense of the colors.  The fabrics are gorgeous - limiting myself every month to just a couple fabrics is going to be hard!

I've also signed up for the Sweet Pouch Swap, and received my assignment.  I'm totally intimidated!  Sewing for a "self professed perfectionist" is difficult, but I have some gorgeous fabrics pulled, and I'm going to try doing some new things for me...  I might be intimidated, but I fully intend on rising to the challenge!  Watch here for some sneak peeks coming up...

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